Linda Vijana Initiative

We want every single youth to reach his or her maximum potential; to live a long healthy and fulfilling life, and ultimately become a good example to those coming behind. We must all join hands in this. We must guard, defend and protect our young.

What We Do

Our core mandate is to defend the youth from the predators who want to usurp their lives from them. We give them accurate information with regards to sexuality, addiction, economics, morality among others. We ensure that the youth is empowered enough to make decisions they will never regret.

We Teach People

We teach people, especially young people, the positive use of their sexuality. We teach against the popularized sexual revolution, against deliberate killing of pre-born babies (abortion), against contraceptives and agaist Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) that is being pushed into our children; thereby making them perverts and slaves of their bodies. We teach people good health practices and build their mindset in a way that insure their complete well being now and in the future.

We Advocate...

We advocate for sexual purity, we advocate for protection of youth and family institution. We advocate for policies that protect and promote proper family life, parenthood and upbringing. We advocate against corruption of the minds of children with toxic, pervasive information and acts. We advocate against anything and everything that would destroy the family unit; the very basic unit of a society.

What We Do

  • We empower the youth to be dependable leaders in the society
  • We provide needed support to the youth including crisis pregnancy counselling, drug addiction counselling, among others.
  • We empower parents and caregivers to be better equipped in their parenting role
  • We help the youth to know their worth


Our Focus Include...

  • Curbing of teenage pregnancies through education and empowerment on self-care
  • Demystifying sex using scientific and religious truths and values
  • Promote healthy habits among youths
  • Promote activities that help in subject development and self-reliance including arts, reading, sports etc
  • Cause conversations and debates on related subject matters
Waumini Hse, 2nd Flr, Westlands, Nairobi
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